Glowing Firefly



Staff: Shojiro Uchiyama


Q1: Which machines from TechShop do you recommend?

A: The TIG Welder

It’s so unusual that there’s a place where you can do this kind of welding right in the middle of Roppongi!

It’s not just metal furniture that you can make. If you have the energy for it, you can have a go at metal sculpture too.


Q2: Tell us about what you made

A: It’s a sculpture of a firefly in iron. I cut out parts from a single sheet of iron, and made it whilst bending and welding parts.

The special thing about this work is that its butt glows! And, if you touch it with your hand, the light changes colour.


Q3: A word from the Staff

A: TechShop is where your dreams can take form. First of all, why not come and take the tour and check the place out!