Wearable TechShop



Staff: Aya Saito


Q1: Which machines from TechShop do you recommend?

A: The Home-use Embroidery Machine.

It doesn’t just do embroidery! You can do all kinds of things with this one machine. It’s got more features than I can remember. I’m still learning to use it.


Q2: Tell us about what you made

A: It was made around the theme of ‘Welcome to TechShop’, so I arranged photos from the shop as a yukata pattern, and then for the obi I got the other members of staff to write something for me, scanned it, and then printed it with the Digital Dyeing Machine. You can do all of the pattern-matching on the computer, so all I had to do was just sew the printed cloth according to the pattern and then the images fit together perfectly at the seams on the shoulders and back.


Q3: A word from the Staff

A: It’s a really great place. You get lots of ideas just by being here. And then this is a place where it’s very easy to make those ideas a reality. There are lots of things which might be impossible to do on your own which you can definitely do here, so let’s make things together!