Rocket-Shaped Floor Lamp, ‘The Gaze’



Member: Tsubasa Shinohara


Q1: What is TechShop to you?

A: It’s somewhere that you can express yourself and meet like-minded people.


Q2: Up to this point, what have you been making?

A: Key-fobs, presents for people who’ve looked after me, that kind of thing.


Q3: Would you tell us about what you’ve made this time?

A: This work was inspired by the image of rockets which were so popular in 1950s America at the start of the Space Race.  I tried to keep in mind things like the Golden Ratio whilst I was deciding on the form. I cut notches into each piece, and then by fitting them all together, I made the framework. I carved patterns reminiscent of a truss into the ringed parts, so that the light would spill attractively from these points.  For the outer parts, I used the same kind of walnut wood that was so ubiquitous in America in the 50s. I tried to make it evocative of a particular time, as well as being well-designed.