Jumping Horse Object



Member: Mana Yoshida


Q1: What is TechShop to you?

A: Honestly, it’s like a dream for me. It’s like a jungle full of treasures! haha

Woodwork, metalwork, textiles… there’s machines from every area, so you can really do some efficient, high-quality work.


Q2: Up to this point, what have you been making?

A: My work’s focused on making original horse-related items and gifts for my own start-up brand.

I’ve made horse-trappings and bags using the sewing machines and embroidery machines, I’ve made all kinds of objects and gifts with the Laser Cutters, and I’ve even made 180cm-tall hurdles that have been used for show jumping events using woodworking machines like the ShopBot.

I’ve also made packaging for these products using the Large Format Printer, Vacuum Molding Machine, Laser Cutters and so on. I can pretty much make anything myself at TechShop.


Q3: Would you tell us about what you’ve made this time?

A: It’s a product for my brand.

I used the ShopBot to make a miniature show-jumping hurdle, which goes together with a little jumping horse. It’s a decorative object.

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