Wireless Electrical Transmission Experiment Kit



Member: Noboru Ooki


Q1: What is TechShop to you?

A: It’s my secret base. It’s like a theme-park for creative people.


Q2: Up to this point, what have you been making?

A: Too many things to count…  It used to be just electrical things but since I’ve had access to the Laser Cutters I’ve been thinking more about non-electrical stuff. Like how when light hits a plastic panel it takes on the colour of the light, or maybe projecting an image by forcing light through slits… but at heart I’m an electrician… (although that’s not my job!)


Q3: Would you tell us about what you’ve made this time?

A: It’s an experiment kit for wireless electrical transmission that uses resonance. You can get power feeding with a pair of coils, so you can play around by attaching them to all kinds of different objects. It’s also useful for learning about the behaviour of magnetic fields in electromagnetic induction. If you had a small coil, I suppose you could fit it into something that you’d 3D Printed. And if you really felt like making an effort, you could even drive a Micro Computing board.


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