T-Shirt Blister Pack



Staff: Motoki Nagashima


Q1: Which machines from TechShop do you recommend?

A: The UV Printer and the Vacuum Molding Machine.

The UV Printer is seriously convenient because it’ll print onto materials that won’t take regular ink, like leather and plastic. The Vacuum Molding Machine forms a sheet of plastic over a mold. I get all kinds of ideas for stuff that you could make with it: the body for a remote control car, masks, boxes for sweets. All sorts of stuff.


Q2: Tell us about what you made

A: I used the UV Printer to make the plates that I needed to silk-screen print the t-shirt. Then I made the blister pack with the Vacuum Molding Machine. By using different TechShop machines in combination, you can make packaging which has some originality.


Q3: A word from the Staff

A: TechShop’s a DIY workshop where we everyone’s ideas can take form. From everyday items to works of art, if you’re someone with a creative streak, please come and join us!