Child’s Chair



Member: Tanigawa Kiyoki


Q1: What is TechShop to you?

A: Up to now, I’ve seen MONO, FABCAFE, Makers-Base, DMM, ship and KOIL, and I have to say that TechShop has the best facilities, equipment and staff. It’s the best space and the best community if you’re making something.


Q2: What sort of things have you made before this?

A: When I was at Elementary School, I used to make little houses and bases with my friends. Then at Middle School I was a radio-geek. At University, I was into micro-computing. Since then though, I’ve had my eyes opened to traditional craft. Now, I try to combine traditional craft with modern technology, and in particular I’ve been using CNC to make furniture and small items. Recently, my job’s been connected with this too, and I’ve been getting lots of opportunities to do mock-ups related to the Olympics. A lot of things that I’ve made are dotted around the shop.


Q3: Would you tell us about what you’ve made this time?

A: When you want to use a laser cutter to make something 3-dimensional, the main job is always figuring out how the parts will fit together. In my case, I try to make use of the joinery techniques from traditional craft. Using a laser you can precisely cut a tenon and mortise (the sticking out part of a joint, and its corresponding hole) and fit them together, but in Edo joinery it was considered good taste to hide your skilled craftsmanship. For that reason, I’ve hid the joints using inlays. The materials are walnut and maple.