Cat Paw Series



Member: Mami Matsushima


Q1: What is TechShop to you?

A: It’s essential to have a place like this as an individual who makes things. I had things that I wanted to make but didn’t know where to start, and a friend of mine told me about a certain shared workshop space. I thought, “That’s what I’ve been needing!”. And so now here I am at TechShop.


Q2: Up to this point, what have you been making?

A: I’m making a variety of things, like bags and pouches. I like printed cloth, so I’ve been trying different printing techniques. I’ve tried the UV Printer, the Digital Dyeing Machine, and the Heat Press. I’m really hoping that you install a Dye-Sublimation Printer too.


Q3: Would you tell us about what you’ve made this time?

A: In the top-right of the photo is a cat paw card-case that I printed with the UV Printer, and that’s the most popular thing I make at the moment. The bigger items are oven gloves which I made using the Digital Dyeing Machine. And everything in this cat paw series has the pads of the cat’s feet on the underside.