Privacy Policy

Our Philosophy Regarding Protection of Personal Information

TechShop Japan exists to foster people’s creativity and to support them in making their ideas take form. In this space, all types of people ranging from corporate staff, startups, inventors, students and hobbyists can mingle, exchange ideas and create all sorts of innovations. However, we recognise that information assets are crucially important to this process, and are a cornerstone of our business. We consider it our duty as a company to take appropriate steps to manage the personal information of a wide variety of individuals, beginning with our members, but including all of our customers, clients and staff. We therefore handle personal information in accordance with the policy detailed below.

Our Policy on Protection of Personal Information

TechShop Japan recognizes the importance of information security management to business, and regards the protection of personal information as one of our important management issues. We handle personal information in a manner consistent with the following privacy policy.

Privacy Policy

  1. Staff Responsibilities and Training
    All staff under our employ will periodically undergo training pertaining to our Management System for Personal Information. Our staff will always endeavour to take appropriate steps to manage personal information.
  2. Acquisition and utilization of personal information
    When we acquire and utilize personal information, we identify and convey the purpose of utilization by notifying the principal or publicly announcing the purpose. We will handle the personal information within the scope necessary to fulfill the purpose of utilization.
  3. Provision of personal information to third parties
    We will not provide any third party with personal information without obtaining consent from the principal, except when we entrust personal information to a service provider who will be handling the data in accordance with our established standard and when permission is granted by law or under a regulation. When entrusting personal information to a third party, we contractually or otherwise obligate the third party to properly manage the personal information.
  4. Security management organization
    We will take organizational, human, physical, and technological measures to manage personal information security as we strive to preserve and enhance the security of personal information and prevent its leakage, loss, and destruction.
  5. Response to complaints, consultation requests, etc.
    We will respond appropriately and promptly to any complaint or consultation request received about our handling of personal information. If you request that we disclose your personal information, we will fulfill your request without delay in compliance with applicable laws and regulations.
  6. Compliance with laws, guidelines, and other regulations established by the government
    We will comply with all laws and guidelines established by the government regarding the handling of personal information, the requirements for personal information protection management systems, and other regulations. We will also continuously improve our personal information protection management system.

How we use personal information

  • For the purposes of registering members who use our facilities and equipment, and in order to contact customers in relation to that use
  • In order to notify customers about events, seminars, new services and equipment etc.

Third-parties with whom we share information

  • Fujitsu Limited