Nikon Lasermeister 100A – Best Print Contest!



On the 21st December (Sat) at 1800, TechShop will hold a contest for the best print produced with the Lasermeister 100A.

*This will be held during our Christmas Party.


Submitted work can be made entirely with the Lasermeister 100A or something made using the Lasermeister 100A in combination with other machines.


We’re looking for entries that make everyone say, ‘Wow! You can make this kind of thing too?! ‘


If you haven’t taken the class for the Lasermeister 100A yet, this is a good reason!


* Entries to be judged on the day by Nikon Staff. The Winner will receive an award from Nikon.

* Please bring your entries on the day anytime before 1700.

* The competition will be held during TechShop’s Christmas Party, so please enjoy both!