Our Interpretation Fee got cheaper


In response to customer feedback, we have decided to lower the fee for English
interpretation of SBU (Safety & Basic Use) classes, in order to bring it in line with the
fee for requesting a private class. This is to make it easier for customers requiring
classes in English to take the class which they want when they want.

Previously the price for requesting interpretation varied depending on the difficulty and
danger involved in the use of that machine. Now interpretation for any class costs ¥1500 (+
tax), regardless of the equipment or the length of the class. This is the same as the fee
for requesting a private class in English. These changes will take effect on October 1st 2019.

When booking a class, please make it clear that you require interpretation, and please let
us know ahead of time. If you book your class online, please send an e-mail to to notify us that you require interpretation, and specify for which
class, and on what date and time.

Please be aware that since we have a limited number of English speakers on staff, we may not
always be able to accommodate your request.

It is still possible to arrange your own interpretation, for example by bringing a bilingual
friend with you to the class. Please note that the rules for this do still vary depending on
the class which you intend to take. You can check the rules for private interpretation here.