Days We’re Closed in August & September


Hello everyone! Sorry that this update is so late!

We’re closed over the obon period, which is very good news for the staff, but we apologise if it interferes with your work.


Days we’re closed in August:

13th (Tue) – 16th (Fri): Closed for the obon holiday

18th (Sun): Entire Mori Building Closed

  • Please note that on 17th (Sat) we will be open from 10:00 – 21:00


Days we’re closed in September

23rd (Mon): Closed for Staff Training


Again, I’m very sorry that this update is so late!


Although recently I’ve been wondering if anyone actually reads the news page of our English language site, so I’ve decided to do a little test! The first person to e-mail me at with the subject I READ YOUR UPDATES before September 12th 2019 will receive a little prize*. It won’t be anything fancy or expensive, just a little reward.

*You must be a paying member of TechShop Tokyo to claim this prize. You must visit TechShop Tokyo in person to receive your prize. I won’t post it to you! The prize cannot be exchanged for anything else. Only the first person to e-mail me will receive a prize. It is entirely at my discretion to cancel or change the terms of this offer if I so desire.
Please don’t take this too seriously! It’s just for fun.