The Deliéa, a product developed at TechShop, is now available



Introducing the Deliéa, a product developed at TechShop Tokyo!

The Deliéa was designed by TechShop member Mr.Samuel Collin.  Crowdfunded last year on Makuake, it ‘s now finished.

Of course, TechShop was also a backer, and our Deliéa arrived today!

This product should be of interest to any foodies out there. It’s a system to keep fruit and vegetables,

as well as meat and fish fresh. The product consists of a gas injector, and then some specially designed food bags. You put your food in a bag, inject the gas, and that keeps the contents fresh!


This part is the injector into which you load nitrogen cartridges. During the prototyping stage, lots of variations on this shape got printed on our AFINIA 3D printers.  The design of the inset piece, the slide and so on, are all simple and efficient.

The button to inject gas (in green in the photo above) can only be pressed down when the slide is pushed forwards.

This is one of the nitrogen tanks (or to be more accurate, it’s a mix of nitrogen and CO2)

The Deliéa comes in 2 varieties, one for fruit and veg, and the other for fish and meat. This is the vegetable model.

The label design and the product colouring quickly tells you which is which.

The stickers for these labels were also printed using our Large Format Inkjet Printer.

This is the food bag. Again, there’s a different design for the Fruit and Veg and the Fish and Meat models.


Finally, it comes with this really nicely designed booklet.

The booklet introduces the product, explains how its made, as well as giving the history of the project, showing design sketches and so on.

Having seen this product at lots of stages in its development, we were all mostly thinking about how the product itself was going to evolve from proto-type to finished object, but as the release gets closer, you need to think about packaging, explanatory manuals, and all those sorts of things as well. It’s quite a challenge to develop a product all the way from idea to sale.

Congratulations, Samuel Collin!


You can find out more about the product below:

A web-store is scheduled to be up and running by mid-April.

The crowdfunding page on Makuake can be seen here.

※Crowdfunding is finished.