BIG news about 3D Printing



Introducing a new line-up of next generation 3D printers! We’ve added the “Adventurer 3” (5 new machines) and the “Guider 2″ (2 machines).

We’re also changing our SBU system! Previously, we had a separate class for the AFINIA and the MakerBot, but we’re unifying everything into a single SBU class, ” 3D Printers”. If you take that single class then you can use any of our 3D Printers! (If you’ve already taken one or more of those 3D Printing classes, please speak to a member of staff and we can help you get used to the new machines, free of charge)

Click below for detailed information about each printer:

Adventurer3 / Guider2


And we’ve made 2 more changes!

1: We’re making filament cheaper across the board!

All varieties: ¥21/g → ¥10/g.

2: We’re extending maximum reservation length!

Continuous use of a 3D Printer: 8hours  → 3 DAYS!

*Please make a separate reservation for each day that you’ll be using the printer, across those 3 days. The system doesn’t allow a single reservation to cover all 3 days…

Example: If you wanted to reserve from Jan 1st to 3rd, you would make a reservation for Jan 1st until the time the shop closes + a reservation for the whole of Jan 2nd + a reservation for the whole of Jan 3rd. 3 reservations have to be made.

Or just ask the front desk to make the reservation for you!


However, please be aware that since the 3D Printer will be operating continuously throughout the night when no staff are present, we offer no guarantees whatsoever that the printing will be a success. If the printing has clearly failed, the staff will stop the printing to save on filament, but we will not be able to contact you to tell you this (however, feel free to contact us to check on how your print is progressing)

When your print has finished, please come in and collect it as soon as possible.


We’ve changed these rules to try to make 3D Printer more convenient and useful, but it’s still something of a work in progress and the system may change again. Let us know if you have any suggestions!