Our new monthly meet-up, Monthly Frolic



We’re having a monthly meet-up for our members! Monthly Frolic!


Once a month, on a Saturday or Sunday, we’re starting to hold an event for our community members.

Bring some food and drink and talk with other members about what you’re making, and share your know-how!
It’s your party, so if you want to plan some kind of activity, just do it!


Most of our members are Japanese, but people would love to talk to a foreigner (and practice their English, let’s be honest)


No need to make a reservation or anything. You can just drop in for 5 minutes on your way home if you like. It’s all pretty free and easy.

(But! If you drink some alcohol then we can’t let you go back and work on the machines again afterwards)


Participation Fee

Techshop Yearly Members, Monthly Members: FREE!

TechShop 1 Day Members and Non-Members: 500yen for entrance to TechShop


No need to make a reservation, but please bring some drinks or snacks. It’s a party!

TechShop can lend some cooking equipment if anyone wants to cook.

Even if you’re not a member, or want to bring a friend who isn’t a member, feel free!



TechShop Tokyo Break Area


*Please be aware that we can’t offer refunds if you pay to come in but can’t attend for any reason.

*Seriously, don’t drink and then use the machines. We don’t want anyone getting hurt physically or emotionally.