We now sell batteries!


Batteries for saaaaale! Fresh batteries for saaaaale!

A lot of our members have asked us to stock batteries, and now we do. We now sell Fujitsu brand batteries from the Front Desk.

We are stocking disposable Alkaline batteries, as well as rechargeable Nickel Metal Hydride batteries with chargers.
In total, we have 8 products, prices as below.


Fujitsu Batteries

Product Name Product Number Price * Details
Fujitsu Fast Recharge Set     High-Capacity Type FCT344FXJHC(FX) ¥3,700 4 Rechargeable AA batteries (High-Capacity type) + Charger
Fujitsu Fast Recharge Set FCT344FXJST(FX) ¥3,450 4 Rechargeable AA batteries + Charger
Fujitsu AAA Alkaline Premium x 4 LR03FP(4S) ¥470 Pack of 4 AAA batteries
Fujitsu AAA Alkaline Premium x 2 LR03FP(2B) ¥270 Pack of 2 AAA batteries
Fujitsu AA Alkaline Premium x 4 LR6FP(4S) ¥470 Pack of 4 AA batteries
Fujitsu AA Alkaline Premium x 2 LR6FP(2B) ¥270 Pack of 2 AA batteries
Fujitsu C-Sized Battery x 2 LR14FP(2S) ¥350 Pack of 2 C batteries
Fujitsu D-Sized Battery x 2 LR20FP(2S) ¥470 Pack of 2 D batteries
* Prices above are excluding Sales Tax


The battery rack is next to the Front Desk. Sorry, but we can only accept payment for batteries by card.
Thanks, and enjoy the awesomely convenient power of batteries.