Installation of a Photocopier for Members


Hey, friend!

Tired of asking the front desk every time you want to photocopy something?

Well now you don’t have to! Starting from 1st October, we have a photocopier just for you, our members.

Located right next to the soldering tables, it couldn’t be easier to find! But it could be easier to use, since it doesn’t take cards or e-money, only coins. Sorry about that.

The front desk will be happy to exchange your notes into coins as long as we have enough… but we don’t carry that many coins, so it might be better to sort your coins ahead of time. Or failing that, why not buy a delicious soft drink from our refreshment area and break your notes into coins that way?

The price for the photocopier is as below. About the same as the photocopier at the convenience store, but so much closer.