Laser Cutter, large-format 400

Laser Cutter, large-format 400

Model: Speedy 400 (Co2 Laser)

Maximum Work Size: W1000mm × H610mm

Maximum Work Thickness: ※ varies depending on material. For wood, around 18mm. For acrylic, around 10mm

Materials: wood (board), acrylic, paper, cardboard, leather etc.

Unworkable Materials: metal, some plastics etc. ※ for more details, please ask a staff member

Data Formats: any 2D data which can be imported into Illustrator (for example: ai, dxf, eps, jpeg, pdf, svg)

Software: JobControl


This machine uses a laser to “cut” or “engrave” work material according to digital data prepared with image editing software.

The Speedy 400 can be used to work either wood or plastic.