Milling Machine

Milling Machine 

Maker: Mecanix

Model: M28LA

Workable Dimensions: Longitudinal (Left-Right) 440mm x Cross-table (Front-Back) 200mm

Collet Holders: φ6㎜、8㎜、10㎜、12㎜、16㎜

End Mills: φ3×8、φ6×8、φ8×16、φ10×20、φ12×24、φ16×32

Aero Mills (POSI Type, NEGA Type): φ40

Centering Bar: φ10

Vice Maximum Opening Width: 105mm

Fixing Tools: T-nut x 4


This machine features a rotating cutting tool which does not move on the horizontal or front-to-back axes. The workpiece is fixed to the table below, which is then moved in straight lines under the cutting tool,  often to clear a flat surface or to cut a channel.