CNC Machining (Plastic Use)

CNC Machining (Plastic Use) 

Maker: Roland DG

Model: MDX-540S

Movement Area: X-axis 500mm x Y-axis 400mm x Z-axis 155mm ※Actual workable area varies depending on size of tool being used

Materials: Styrofoam, Chemical Wood, ABS, Acrylic, Polyacetal, Modelling Wax etc.

Data Formats: stl, iges (V5.2), dxf (3d Polygon Mesh), 3dm (Rhinoceros Save Format)

Software: SRP Player


This machine uses a cutting tool to carve forms in 2D and 3D, by moving motors on the x,y,z axes under computer control.

Uses 3d-CAM Software (SRP Player).