MakerBot 3D Printer

MakerBot 3D Printer

Maker: MakerBot

Model: MakerBot Replicator 5th Generation

Print Scale: W252mm×D190mm×H150mm

Materials: PLA plastic

Data Formats: obj, stl, thing

Software: MakerBot Desktop

Number of machines: 2

This 3d printer uses a technique called “Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM)” to build up objects. It uses a fine thread-like plastic filament, which it melts and deposits to build the form of an object a layer at a time.


——————– TechShop MakerBot Filament Lab —————-



We’re opening up the MakerBot environment to allow experiments! Try out a whole range of different filaments!

Here at TechShop Tokyo, we have 2 MakerBot Replicators, but we’re going to allow one of them for experimental printing.

Filaments that look like metal, filaments that look like wood, filaments that are soft like rubber, luminous filaments that glow in the dark… you name it, recently it’s been developed for 3D printing. Bring in a filament that you want to try and you can experiment printing with it on the MakerBot Replicator.

*If you aren’t using officially licensed MakerBot filaments, please be aware that they might be difficult to print with! We can help you but we can’t guarantee success.

This is aimed at people with at least an intermediate level of 3D printing experience.
Please speak to us before purchasing a particular filament since some filaments are not usable here due to technical or safety constraints.
We are only offering the chance to experiment with different filaments. Please be aware that we cannot guarantee successful printing.


Steps for use:

1. Once you have decided on the filament which you would like to use, please talk to a member of staff and check that it can be printed with here (*). If you would like ask about this by e-mail, please direct your questions

2. Purchase your filament, and then make a reservation for MakerBot#2 (only MakerBot #2 is available for experimental printing. MakerBot#1 is only for official MakerBot filament)

3. Talk to a staff member who will help in selecting the correct nozzle for your filament. They will then fit this nozzle and swap the original print head for the experimental print head.

4. You can use MakerBot Print or MakerBot Desktop as your printing software. MakerBot Print allows the import and export of custom print modes.

5. Based on your discussion with the staff, select print settings such as temperature, speed, etc. (We have some saved presets for filaments which we have used before, but you can also create your own preset if you like).

6. 3d Print!

7. Once you have finished printing, please inform a staff member, who will restore the original print head.

*Experimental filaments are basically limited to PLA-like types.

*Please be aware that the MakerBot Replicator does not feature a heated-bed, and the nozzle only heats up to 280°C (Furthermore, the MakerBot print software will not accept a temperature higher than 255/256°C). The MakerBot Replicator is also an open-type printer and not an enclosed printer, which means that filaments which give off fumes during printing such as ABS are basically not supported.

*If staff judge that a particular filament is going to either damage the 3D printer nozzle or put excessive stress on the printer itself, we may refuse its use.

*For filaments which we have already tried printing with, we have some pre-prepared print guidelines on display, but please be aware that these are only suggestions and we cannot guarantee successful printing even using these settings.