3D Scanner

3D Scanner


Maker: NextEngine

Model: Ultra HD

Scanning Scale (vertical, horizontal): Macro Mode 129.5mm×96.5mm, Wide Mode: 324.9mm×256.5mm, Extended Mode: 584.211mm×431.8mm

Software: ScanStudio, RapidWorks

This device reads the protrusions and recessions of the target object and converts it into 3D data.

It projects a laser at the target object and obtains multiple co-ordinates in 3 dimensions (x,y,z).

The resulting “point-cloud data” is then converted to “polygon data” (a group of triangular surfaces), giving you usable 3D data.

The scanning scale and detail level varies depending on which of the 3 modes are being used: “Macro”, “Wide” and “Extended”.