Laser Cutter, wood-use

Laser Cutter, wood-use


Maker: Trotec

Model: Speedy 300 (Co2 Laser)

Work Size:W726mm×D432mm×H165mm

Number of machines: 2

Maximum workable thickness:※Depends on material. For wood, around 18mm

Workable materials: wood (board), paper, cardboard, leather etc.

Unworkable materials: Metal, some plastics etc. ※For more detail on materials, please ask a staff member

Data formats: Any 2d data which can be imported into Illustrator (for example: ai, dxf, eps, jpeg, pdf, svg)

Software: JobControl


These laser cutters are mainly for working wood.

Two types of work are possible: ‘Cut’ and ‘Engrave’.

Maximum cutting thickness is roughly 18mm for wooden board.

Some materials cannot be worked for safety reasons. Please ask staff for more details.