Metalwork Mitre Saw

Metalwork Mitre Saw

Maker: Motoyuki

Model Name: GMC-305

Maximum Cutting Dimensions:

Right Angle: Circular pipe diameter 115mm, square pipe width 150mm x height 175mm, angle 90 x 90mm

45°: Circular pipe diameter 90mm, square pipe width 75mm x height 95mm, angle 75 x 90mm

*Maximum Cutting thickness depends on material. Please refer to the maker’s website for more information.


A machine for cutting through a cross-section of various materials.


Beams: L-Angles, U-Channel Beams etc.

Pipes: Steel Pipes, PVC Pipes, Lined Pipes (PVC Lined Pipe) etc.

Light Materials: Aluminium Raceways, Hanger Rails, Aluminium Window Frame etc.

Metal Rods: Round Steel Rods, Threaded Bolts etc.


※This equipment is taught in the Grinder SBU (Safety and Basic Usage) Class.