3d Printer ADVENTURER3



A small-scale Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM) 3d Printer. Plastic in the form of a string-like filament is heated to melting point and then pushed out of a very fine nozzle onto a build plate. In this way, the 3d model is built up layer by layer.

The Adventurer3 can print either PLA or ABS.


Maker: FLASHFORGE (website:

Maximum Print Size:W150mm×D150mm×H150mm

Number of machines: 6

Print Resolution: 0.05mm ~ 0.4mm

Nozzle Temperature: ~240℃

Heat Bed Temperature: ~100℃

Importable File Types: stl, obj, fpp, 3mf, slc, g, gx, x3g, (bmp, jpg, png, jpeg: automatically converts 2d data to printable 3d model)

Software: FlashPrint (download here:

Printable Materials: ABS, PLA


PLA and ABS filaments by Mitsubishi Verbatim ( are available at Techshop (¥11/g). Customers are also welcome to bring their own filaments, although please check with a staff member that a filament is compatible before purchasing. Quality of prints also varies with filament, and adjustment of settings may be required.