What is TechShop?

  • Access to pro-grade equipment and tools

    We have a range of professional tools for metalwork, woodwork, electrical work, welding, coloring, textiles and more.
    Whatever your idea, you can prototype it quickly and easily with us.

  • Specialized training classes and support for machine use

    Even beginners can learn to use our equipment safely and confidently in no time at all. Our floor-staff called "Dream Consultants" have specialized knowledge and are always on hand to assist you if you run into any problems.

  • Open eco-system for networking and manufacturing

    In addition to machine equipment, we provide a spacious working environment , seminar rooms and computers with cutting edge software.
    We aim to provide a space for open innovation, which can be used by anyone from entrepreneurs, corporations and inventors, to students, artists and the local community.


What's needed for using TechShop?

At TechShop, it doesn't matter what experience or skill you have.
Our experienced staff are always on hand to support you and help your ideas take shape.
We run regular classes to teach safe, basic operation of the equipment. Whatever your level, you can come to TechShop worry free.

We hold daily tours, where our Dream Consultant staff will show you our facilities. No-matter what you want to ask, you can during these tours.
Please participate in a tour and take a look at the TechShop atmosphere.

From all of our staff here, we look forward to your visit.