• Helping you make
    the most of your imagination

    Unlimited use of cutting-edge equipment.
    Give shape to your ideas.

  • Valuing difference

    Engineers, Artists, Start-ups, Inventors, Investors,
    Creators, Students, Businesses…
    Everyone is welcome to make things and mingle.

  • Sparking interactions

    Inspire each other by exchanging ideas,
    skills and knowledge,
    to give birth to never dreamed-of solutions.

  • Guiding you to success

    Supporting you every step of the way,
    from your initial idea to creating your start-up.
    Helping you to reach your goals,
    more quickly and efficiently.

What's special about TechShop

  • Unlimited access to industrial machinery

    A wide range of advanced equipment across multiple disciplines, from laser cutting and 3D printing, to wood work, metal work, and textiles.

  • You can do it all here!

    From design to production and assembly, every step of the process can be done here at TechShop.

  • Helping to turn your idea into a business

    Develop a prototype, make a presentation to venture capital, and procure funding. It might just be possible with help from the TechShop community.

  • Learn how to make things, from beginner to pro

    Even if you have no experience whatsoever, you’ll be fine. Take our basic use classes for each machine and get started. And if you hit a problem, our staff can help.

  • Find your community

    The people who come to TechShop are people who love making things. Show people what you’re making, and break the ice! Meet people with the same interests and passions as you, and join the community.

  • Participate in Events

    Whether a member or not, anyone can participate in the events and workshops at TechShop. You might just find a new interest.

  • Turn a single idea into a world of possibility

    Your idea is like a single puzzle piece. By working together with other people and combining your ideas, you can come up with something truly extraordinary.

  • Plan and Run your own event

    TechShop prides itself on being open and welcoming. If you have an idea for a workshop you’d like to teach, or an event you’d like to run, let us know and we’ll try to accommodate you.