Q. Do you run shop tours? Can I look around?

We run tours 3 times a day (12:30~ / 15:00~ / 19:30~).
No reservation is necessary. Please just arrive a little while before the tour starts. The tour takes roughly 30 - 40 minutes.
It is free to participate in a tour.

Q. Do you sell materials?

In general, members are asked to prepare their own materials. However, we do sell some of the more commonly used materials (such as MDF, acrylic board etc.)
For details, please ask a member of our staff.

Q. What equipment do you have?

Please look at the Equipment page of our website.

Q. I'd like to use your machines, but.... how does it all work?

Please check the What is TechShop? and Guide to Usage pages of our website.

Q. What days are you closed?

Apart from the Japanese ‘O-Bon’ holiday, and the New Year holiday period, we are basically open every day.
However, on days when the entire building is closed we are also closed. We also close occasionally for staff training days.
Please periodically check the website for details of any closures coming up.

Q. Do you have parking?

There is a car park for the whole building. We sell tickets for parking at the Front Desk of TechShop.
If you use the car park, please talk to the staff.

Q. Can I use the machines straight away?

No. Before using a piece of equipment for the first time, it is necessary to complete an SBU (Safety and Basic Usage class) for that machine.
After you have completed an SBU, you will be able to make reservations for that machine.

Q. I’ve used that machine before / watched videos about that machine on the internet, so can I please skip the SBU?

No. Successful completion of the SBU is required for liability and insurance purposes.
We understand that it is frustrating to have to take an SBU for a machine which you already know how to use, but we regret that this rule is non-negotiable.

Q. Please can I skip the SBU? Just this once? I won’t tell anyone that you let me skip it.

No. If you want to use a piece of equipment, you have to take the SBU for it.

Q. If something goes wrong and I hurt myself whilst using a machine, or I accidentally damage the machine, am I covered by your insurance?

As long as you were using the equipment according to the procedures and rules which were taught in the SBU, you will be covered by TechShop's liability policy (injury or property damage).
However, if you were using the equipment in ways other than those covered in the SBU, or break store rules about using the equipment, any accident or injury is not covered by our insurance policy. Please be careful.

Q. I'm already a member, but can I bring along family or friends who aren't?

If you are already a member and want to show TechShop to someone who isn't a member, this is fine as long as it is the first time.
After the first time, it is necessary to purchase a Guest Pass for them.
We also prefer that they join the shop tour which runs 3 times a day.
*If you are inviting a non-member for the purposes of having a meeting, we require that they purchase a Guest Pass even if it is their first time.

Q. What's a Guest Pass?

This is a ticket that non-members must purchase if they wish to enter TechShop (outside of the daily tour, which is free to participate in)

Price per person:
Under 3 hours: ¥2700 (tax included)
For every additional hour: ¥864 (tax included)

Q. I don't understand Japanese but want to use TechShop Japan. Is this a problem?

Some English language support is available.
We currently have one native English speaker on staff, and some of our other staff also speak a little English. However, the shop is basically run in Japanese.
In particular, the SBUs required to use each machine are only taught in Japanese. This is because in general we invite experts from outside of TechShop to teach these classes, and these instructors are Japanese.
We can provide interpretation services at a cost of ¥8000 per hour. Alternatively, you can arrange for your own interpretation. However, the interpreter who accompanies you must purchase a guest pass to enter the shop.
Furthermore, if the SBU is for a more dangerous machine, such as those in the Metal Shop, we request that the interpreter have taken the SBU themselves ahead of time, so that they are familiar with the material which they will be interpreting. *please note that these rules about interpretation etc are subject to change.